2 Types Of Commercial Signs To Consider And Their Benefits


One of the most difficult parts about picking out a sign to advertise your business and products is trying to decide which type of sign to purchase, mostly because there are so many different styles and types of sign on the market that it can be extremely hard to narrow down the options. Listed below are two types of commercial signs to consider and the benefits that they can provide in an effort to help you pick the best one for you.

Digital Signs

One of the most useful options to consider when looking for a commercial sign is a digital sign. A digital sign differs from other types of signs in that it will allow you to change the information displayed on the sign at any time without having to actually go up to the sign and alter it by hand. In most cases, you will be able to change the information displayed on the sign via WiFi from any computer that has access to the Internet simply by accessing a secure website. 

The fact that this sign is so easy to change makes it ideal for those companies that need to frequently change displayed prices, such as a gas station. In addition, this option makes it easy to cycle through multiple products or service options on the screen in order to bring the largest number of your products or services to people passing by as possible. If you want to catch even more attention, some digital signs will also allow you to post videos to the sign in order to create a more in-depth and impressive advertisement for your company.

Mobile Signs

Another useful sign option to consider for your business is a mobile sign. These signs are designed to be very lightweight so that you can move them as often as you need to in order to advertise your business. In most cases, these signs will require you to manually change the information displayed on the sign.

The main benefit to this option is that you can place it wherever you like in order to bring attention to your business. For example, you could choose to display the sign near a busy intersection if your business is located off the main roads, or move the sign around if the flow of traffic comes from different directions around your company as the day progresses.

This option is also ideal for businesses that move around a lot, such as food trucks, as you can simply bring the sign with you to every location that you are setting up shop at. Another benefit to this option is that it will typically only cost a small fraction of the price of a more high-tech sign.

Contact a sign manufacturer today in order to discuss which sign would be the best option for your needs and budget. Both digital and mobile signs are great options that can help you draw attention to your business and services. For more information, contact companies like A2Z Sign Company.


12 September 2016

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