Create A Homemade Sign To Draw Attention To An Upcoming Auction


Create a homemade laminated sign to insert in a sign holder on your property that features some of the items that you will be selling during an upcoming auction by competing the steps below. The sign will draw attention to the event and may help you gain some prospective buyers. 


  • measuring tape
  • bright-colored poster board
  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • stencils
  • roll of removable tape
  • permanent marker
  • luminescent craft paint (multiple colors)
  • paintbrush
  • photographs
  • craft glue
  • laminating sheet
  • laminating machine
  • battery-operated or solar-powered light stakes

Add Lettering And Numbering To The Sign

Measure the length and width of the sign holder and cut a piece of bright-colored poster board that is the same size. Place the poster board on a newspaper-covered table. Line up stencils across one side of the poster board that describe the event and include the date, time, and a phone number. Secure the stencils with strips of removable tape.

Trace the stencils with a permanent marker. Remove the stencils and use a paintbrush and luminescent craft paint to fill in the letters and numbers. Use several colors of paint to give the finished poster an interesting and eye-catching appearance.

Attach Photographs And Laminate The Sign

Take pictures of some of the items that will be for sale during the auction. Secure photographs of the items to the front of the sign with craft glue. Wait for the glue to dry and place the sign in between two laminating sheets. Seal the edges of the sheets together with a laminating machine. Insert the base of the sign holder into a section of the ground that is located near the edge of the property so that motorists or pedestrians who pass by will be able to see it. Slide the homemade sign inside of the holder. 

Add Lighting To The Property

Insert battery-operated or solar-powered light stakes into the ground, on each side of the sign. During the day, the luminescent paint that was added to the sign will absorb photons from sunlight. Once it gets dark outside, the paint will appear to be glowing as the photons are emitted.

The lighting that was added to the property will make it easier for people to view the sign when it is dark outside. Your homemade sign may encourage people to attend the auction. By informing the public about some of the items that will be for sale, you may be able to obtain attendees who are interested in purchasing one or more of the items that are featured. For assistance, talk to a professional like Cardinal Sign Corporation.


19 September 2016

Designing a Sign

After gaining a significant amount of weight a few years ago, I completely overhauled my diet. I began eating fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats. During the summer months, I loved to buy fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and produce stands. While riding down the road, I often looked for signs advertising foods such as peaches, apples, field peas, and tomatoes. I particularly noticed signs designed with bright colors and beautiful pictures. If you sell delicious produce from your garden to the general public, consider investing in a professional sign to place by a busy roadway. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips for creating a sign for your business that drivers and passengers will definitely notice.