Haunted Hayrides: Three Ways To Customize Tractors With Custom Graphics


Hosting a haunted hayride is a great way to bring the community together and help make a little extra money for your business or property. Adding spooky elements to every part of the hayride can help enhance the experience for customers. The vehicle that a hayride is pulled by is typically a tractor. You can use custom vehicle graphics to enhance the look of the tractor and really create a dynamic haunted hayride experience. As you plan out vehicle graphic designs for your tractor, you can use three different ideas to help get you started.

Glow in the Dark Designs

Vehicle graphics can be painted with an array of colors and designs. One of the best options that fits well with a haunted hayride is the option to use glow in the dark colors. As the tractor pulls through the hayride trail, it can glow in the dark with spooky designs like eye balls, vampire teeth, or Halloween symbols like bats. It's an ideal way to add some creepy fun to the hayride. When the tractor is pulled into the light, the paint can still be visibly seen and will charge up the glowing elements so it shines brightly once you're in the dark again.

Tractor Monsters

You can choose to pull the haunted hayride on a traditional tractor or you can use custom graphics to turn the tractor into a monster. Vehicle graphics can be sized and printed to make a tractor look like a monster has come to life. Design details can include large eyes, fur, and teeth designs that are down near the tires. You can make the tractors look truly frightening as they arrive to pick up new guests that are visiting the attraction. If you have more than one hayride in operation, then you have the option of creating multiple monster designs. This includes a hairy monster, a sea monster, and an alien-like creature.

Local Business Advertising

The vehicle graphics you use on your tractors can also be a great way to help get some extra money through advertising. Businesses that donate or advertise to your haunted hayride can have their logos printed on tractor vehicle graphics. Each tractor can have a different business's logo. Along with the business logos, you can add fun texture designs like a pepperoni pizza background. The large space of a tractor frame gives you a lot of options for the vehicle graphics.

A vehicle graphic company, such as Vital Signs, can help you size and design the different graphics that you want applied. This allows you to get the custom looks that you seek.


6 October 2016

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