Starting A New Shopping Center? 3 Finishing Touches To Add To The Exterior


If you have decided to take a big risk and open up your own strip mall shopping center, then congratulations! Opening up a large (or small) shopping center is a fun and exciting venture for anyone to take. Before you open all of the doors, however, there are a few finishing touches for you to add to the exterior of your center to really make it pop. From monument signs to colorful awnings, this article has a few tips to consider. Ready to learn a little bit more? Read on. 

Monument Signs

Yes, you may think that monument signs are only signs that are monuments but they are actually used for businesses and strip malls. Monument signs usually have a lot of rock or cement around them which make them a lot more prominent. To help attract people to your strip mall and to make the thing a whole lot more inviting, consider getting a monument sign that's custom made to your mall's exterior. For instance, if you have a modern themed exterior, then consider doing a lot of cement with some slate rock around it. Or, if you have a traditional themed exterior, then do something that has large river rocks on it. 


Nobody wants to shop at a strip mall that has no landscaping or that's covered in a bunch of weeds. Adding some trees, bushes, flowers, and bark mulch to your flower beds will make your strip mall complete and really put together. If you have it in your budget, consider hiring a professional landscaper to come weed and plant flowers for you every few weeks.  When everything looks professionally maintained, people are more inclined to come shop there. 


Awnings are a great way to add a more personalized touch to the exterior of your strip mall. One fun thing about awnings is that they come in different colors and patterns too. Plus, if you still need to get tenants to rent from you, you can add in a personalized awning as an incentive. By having their company's name on their awning, it will make it easier for customers to find their store. 

Remember that a first impression can go a long way; especially when it comes to opening up a strip mall. If you have it in your budget, try to do all of these things so that you can really attract more people to your new strip mall. Not only will you want to attract more customers, but you will also want to attract new rental tenants until you fill every space. Contact a company, like Aubrey Sign Co, for more help.


10 October 2018

Designing a Sign

After gaining a significant amount of weight a few years ago, I completely overhauled my diet. I began eating fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats. During the summer months, I loved to buy fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and produce stands. While riding down the road, I often looked for signs advertising foods such as peaches, apples, field peas, and tomatoes. I particularly noticed signs designed with bright colors and beautiful pictures. If you sell delicious produce from your garden to the general public, consider investing in a professional sign to place by a busy roadway. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips for creating a sign for your business that drivers and passengers will definitely notice.