Produce "Shop Local" Signs That You Can Distribute To Area Businesses


Shopping locally is a message that many businesses emphasize to their customers. There are numerous benefits of buying from local stores — not only will a customer's purchases help to keep the store afloat, but they can also provide employment for many local residents. If you're in charge of an association that oversees local businesses, you might wish to launch a campaign that encourages your area's residents to shop locally. There are many steps that you can take toward this goal, including partnering with a custom sign company to produce some signs that you can distribute for area businesses to display. Here are some keys to designing this signage.

Use Bold Wording

Your goal will be to have as many businesses as possible display this signage in their windows or in the lawns in front of their buildings. To ensure that the signs have an impact, you'll want to choose a design that uses bold wording. This isn't the venue for a detailed explanation of the merits of shopping locally, as this information might be difficult for people to read as they pass by. Instead, something as simple as "shop local" in large letters and with a font that is easy to read will have an impact.

Include A Hashtag

If you're launching a "shop local" campaign, social media can be an asset. You'll want your local stores to spread this message to their followers and perhaps run different promotions that can raise the awareness of the cause. As such, it's a smart idea to create a hashtag that people can use when they're discussing the topic online — and to ensure that the hashtag is visible on the sign design. Something such as "#shoplocal" isn't specific to your area, so create something that is more specific. Your custom sign company can then display this hashtag clearly on the sign design.

Reference A List Of Businesses

You probably have information about the "shop local" campaign on your business association's website, so you'll want to refer people who see the signs around the community to your site. Your sign design should make it clear that you can provide local residents with a comprehensive directory of local businesses. Including your association's URL will be important, and you may also wish to use a QR code that will allow people to immediately load the page on their smartphones, thus giving them access to every local business's name.

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16 July 2020

Designing a Sign

After gaining a significant amount of weight a few years ago, I completely overhauled my diet. I began eating fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats. During the summer months, I loved to buy fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and produce stands. While riding down the road, I often looked for signs advertising foods such as peaches, apples, field peas, and tomatoes. I particularly noticed signs designed with bright colors and beautiful pictures. If you sell delicious produce from your garden to the general public, consider investing in a professional sign to place by a busy roadway. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips for creating a sign for your business that drivers and passengers will definitely notice.