Pointers For Selecting Vehicle Wraps For Your Business Fleet


Commercial fleet vehicle wraps will provide your employees with a constant way to advertise your business. Use the following suggestions to guide you in designing a series of wraps.


Use the same design for each vehicle that is part of your fleet. Avoid changing the symbol or lettering that you have already added to signage or social media accounts that relate to your business. Bigger brands that are recognized nationally have likely utilized the same consistent approach for many years. This is what gets these companies noticed. Whether signage is on a building, a vehicle, on merchandise, or on a uniform, everything meshes well together and provides a customer base with a clear idea of which business is being advertised.

A Balanced Design

The overuse of symbolism, lettering, and bold colors can make a vehicle look gaudy and cheap. Balancing the design of a vehicle wrap involves adding pictorial and lettering design elements and leaving enough space on a vehicle that will draw someone's eyes to the wrap.

If the scale size of each design will be similar for all of the vehicles in your fleet, assess your smallest vehicles first. Determine how much space you have to work with. Upon having a custom wrap designed, the same size preferences will be used for the remaining vehicles. The person who installs each wrap can ensure that there is a moderate amount of space between each vinyl wrap section.

If your fleet of vehicles each has tinted windows, chrome, and other decorative features on them, avoid having the vehicle wraps installed over these features. Dark tint or shiny chrome may contrast well with the vinyl signage that will be affixed to each vehicle body, so the avoidance of having these features covered up will be best.

A Message

Some companies are noted for their speedy service. Others are noted for a product that has been widely popular with the public. You can use something that your business is known for when preparing the signage for your vehicles. If you were to use a less meaningful message, you may discover that the new vinyl wraps aren't doing so much to help you attract new clientele.

Additionally, if you were to use a nondescript message, you may ultimately decide that the vehicle wraps were a waste of money. A message can be short and to the point, or they can use flowery wording and unique pictures. The company that is handling the design of each wrap may assign a designer to you. This person can help you create a unique and meaningful message for the series of wraps.

For more information about business fleet vehicle wraps, contact a local service, such as Madison Sign.


17 December 2021

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