3 Tips For Creating A Sale Banner For Your Boutique Shop Or Salon


When you think of sale banners, loud colors and bold, flashy lettering probably come to mind. While these elements are certainly ideal for advertising sales at businesses such as car washes and sporting goods stores, they probably don't seem too in-line with the image you hope to project for your boutique shop or salon. Rest assured, however, that you can create a more lighthearted, softer-looking banner sign if you go about it in the right way.

6 April 2015

Using Signs To Boost Your Mall Business: Tips To Attract Customer Attention


When people go to the mall, they tend to visit only the stores that attract them the most. Signs can boost your mall store in many ways. You can use signs to showcase your business logo, hours of operation, and any sales or discounted promotions you have going on. Making your signs stand out so your customers and potential shoppers can shop at your store first, and keep coming back time and again.

10 December 2014